Main Street Marketing, Business Development
Main Street Consulting Group employs various business development techniques to assist clients in growing and developing their businesses.   Business development activities include the following: Strategic planning and business model design Authorship of business plans/grant applications Formal proposal and presentation management and writing Assessment of marketing opportunities and target markets Intelligence gathering on customers and competitors Advising on, […]

Business Development

Main Street Marketing, Branding Logo Development
Branding your product or service includes a system of visual elements – the company’s symbol or logo, its name, colors and typography. To ensure consistency, these visual elements should be used in a standard form throughout all types of communications – both print (letterhead, business cards) and web (websites, emails, etc.). […]

Branding/Logo Development

Main Street Marketing, Marketing Consultation
Websites | Social Media | Flyers/Posters | Brochures/Postcards Table Tents | Coupons & Gift Certificates | Event Calendars | Emails Investing in your business starts by hiring knowledgeable marketing professionals to help achieve positive results for your business. Main Street Consulting Group provides marketing consultation services to businesses by assessing the needs of […]

Marketing Consultation

Main Street Marketing, Event Coordination
  The development, organization, marketing and successful execution of events that have real impact on specified economies require a high-level skill set and the right mix of collaborative partnerships to achieve maximum results.   Main Street Consulting Group provides corporations, businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals with professional event coordination and has a proven […]

Event Coordination

Main Street Marketing, Project Management
The definition of project management refers to the planning, organizing, securing and managing of resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. Project management may require the hiring of a professional, on a per project basis, in order not to take away from daily operations. Projects are generally temporary in […]

Project Management

Main Street Marketing, Community Development
Main Street Consulting Group works with non-profit organizations and specializes in community development initiatives. Main Street Consulting Group has decades of experience in organizing and executing events of all sizes. Various community development projects range in scope from local & regional projects through community organization & event coordination. Expansion for national and global reach […]

Community Development

Main Street Marketing, Economic Development
Economic Development is defined as specific activities, that, when engaged, cause a net gain of new dollars flowing into the community. A successful economic development activity is measured by positive economic impact in terms of job creation, increased tax revenues and broadening of the local tax base.   The principles at Main Street […]

Economic Development

Main Street Marketing, Grant Writing
Main Street Consulting Group understands that finding and identifying entities and organizations that give grants or loans for specific purposes or in specific subject areas requires considerable time, effort, and research. Hiring a professional grant writer assures accurate, quality information and ensures the best-possible chance for funding.   In  a competitive grant writing environment, a successful […]

Grant Writing